Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New blog

It's been a while since I've had a blog. Rather, a long while. I've never really understood the secret of blogging and why so many people keep their own blogs...well, maybe things would change now.

Assuming you remember my old blog, I really didn't have the time or interest required in updating it. And I've always preferred MediaWiki. Granted, I'm a MediaWiki developer nowadays and thus it's kinda obvious why I'm so biased towards MediaWiki than anything else.

I've also enabled anonymous commenting on this blog. Nevertheless, I suppose that almost everyone has a Google account that they can use to comment. However, this is a privilege granted to you — please don't abuse it.

If you need to contact me privately, feel free to email me at You're free to post MediaWiki-related questions on my user talk page. I'd strongly suggest asking on IRC & mediawiki-l / wikitech-l for help though, because many experienced developers and users monitor those.

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Misza said...


u can has an blog

unphortshunately, bloxx suxxorz